GR & Partners

GR & Partners
G.R. & Partners works in the field of Business Management Planning. Its wealth of skills, knowledge and ability developed in the field of Management planning allows it to support the specific development strategies of its customers, taking advantage of the best experiences gained in diversified economic sectors and geographical contexts.
The main services provided include:
- Management control, budget organisation and business reporting
- Implementation and preparation of multi-year business plans
- Assistance in the preparation of industrial plans, also for the purposes of listing

The above-described services are provided out using an in-house software called Winsimula ® which is able to assist clients in economic and financial business planning processes.
This aims to provide company management with a simple and synthetic reporting tool able to highlight any critical aspects of management, with particular reference to financial and assets issues.
Winsimula is the end result of the many years of experience of its authors and the application of its previous models to a highly varied business case history.

From 2017 G.R. & Partners is authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development to assure Economic and Financial Plans linked to project financing initiatives.

Marcello Incerti
Chartered Accountant and Auditor
Tel. +39 0522 – 33 76 53