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Studio Cerioli Pellacini

The Studio Cerioli Pellacini – Professional Association was founded in 2000 by Roberto Cerioli and Giorgio Pellacini, Chartered Accountants, who have been working, also previously, in the business consulting field.

The specialization acquired in consulting services for medium- and large-scale businesses, also listed on regulated markets, has led our Studio to acquire a corporate-style organization, in line with the wish to provide our client companies a service involving the steady planning of future activities, in order to assure a better management also of tax and business issues.

We aim to provide, through an adequate team of professionals and co-operators, high quality services and flexibility, constantly respecting the different roles of the entrepreneur and the consultant. Specific areas of expertise are managed within the Studio, while others, including Data processing, preparation of Industrial and business plans are delegated to G.R. & Partners, an independent external body that work in collaboration with the Studio Cerioli Pellacini.